Board of Trustees
  • Mrs Zita Young (Chair)
  • Mr Will Byars (Deputy Chair / Property / Māori Liaison)
  • Mrs Charmaine Blair (Finance)
  • Mr Cliff Brenssell (Assurance) 
  • Mr John Halder (Property)
  • Mrs Alison Sim (Assurance)
  • Staff Rep: Mrs Leeana McKenzie
Mr Antony Criglington is our Principal. He enjoys the outdoors, likes to play sport and loves a good cup of coffee. Mr Criglington is the Lead Principal for the Pomahaka Kāhui Ako. He is released 2 days a week to lead the Community of Learning towards meeting their Achievement Challenges for the benefit of all students in the West Otago region.

Deputy Principal
Mrs Jane Stuart is our DP and also one of two Across Community Lead Kaiako for the Pomahaka Kāhui Ako. She is released 2 days a week to work across all the learning centres in our Community of Learning to support teachers.

Admin Staff

Mrs Sonia Duff is our Administrator. She helps us when we go to the School Office.

Teaching Staff
Tapanui School operates in three learning teams, using a collaborative teaching approach alongside Play Based Learning and Inquiry.

Team 1, Year 0-2 
  • Piwakawaka - Miss Abbie Gibson (NZEI Te Riu Roa Rep)         
  • Keruru - Mrs Judy Clayton (PTA Rep / WO Community Centre Rep)

Team 2, Year 3-4 

  • Mohua - Miss Rebekah Stoop
  • Ruru - Mrs Heather McNaughton
  • Ruru - Mrs Tamie Fiveash 

Team 3, Year 5-6      
  • Tui - Mrs Leeana McKenzie (Board Rep / WO Pool Committee Rep))
  • Kiwi - Mrs Penny O’Meara (ESPSSA-Sports Rep)

Support Staff

  • Mrs Lyn Candy - Learning Assistant  (Team 1)
  • Mrs Nicky Horrell - Learning Assistant (Team 2)
  • Mrs Teressa Young - Learning Assistant (Team 3)
  • Mr Murray Harris - Caretaker
  • Mrs Tineke Harris - Cleaner 
  • Mrs Usharni Dharmasiri - Cleaner

Release Teachers

  • Mrs Rachel Lietze (Team 3)
  • Mrs Sheelagh Martyn (Team 1)
  • Mrs Jo Stanway
  • Ms Jolene Harding