Board of Trustees
  • Board Chair: Mrs Alena Stuart  (
  • Deputy Chair / Māori Liaison / CoL's: Mrs Zita Young
  • Finance: Mrs Julia Body
  • Property: Mr Cliff Brenssell
  • Assurance and Self Review: Mr Will Byars
  • Assurance and Self Review: Mrs Charmaine Blair
  • Staff Rep: Mrs Penny O'Meara
Mr Antony Criglington is our Principal. He enjoys the outdoors, likes to play sport and loves a good cup of coffee.

Admin Staff

Mrs Sonia Duff is our Administrator. She helps us when we go to the School Office.

Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Jill Craw (Deputy Principal) 
Matai, Year 0-3     
  • Mrs Jane Stuart (Team Leader)
  • Mrs Leeana McKenzie           
  • Mrs Judy Clayton    
Rimu      Year 4-6     
  • Mrs Penny O'Meara (Team Leader / Board Rep)
  • Miss Kaitlyn Roughan
  • Miss Kateleen McWhirter

Support Staff

  • Mrs Lyn Candy - Learning Assistant  (Matai Team)
  • Mrs Nicky Horrell - Learning Assistant (Rimu Team)
  • Mrs Alena Stuart - Teacher Aide
  • Mrs Liz Law - Teacher Aide
  • Mr Murray Harris - Caretaker & Cleaner (Rimu)
  • Mrs Tineke Harris - Cleaner (Admin & Matai)