Our Homework Policy
Tapanui School does not provide formal homework for students. We recognise it is the school’s responsibility to teach children while they’re at school NOT to drive or force things to happen for school at home.

Furthermore we understand that children are involved in a wide range of activities that build the key competencies, contribute to family, or develop social or sporting skills outside of school which is just as valid as school related work.

In saying that, we believe that talking, reading, counting and problem solving at home are beneficial to a child’s development across the curriculum. In terms of reading, this includes reading with, reading to, reading silently or hearing your child read to you. The book a child reads can be an instructional text from school, one off the shelf at home, a library book, an audio book, a magazine or a favourite picture book. The children have access to browsing boxes with additional texts if needed. 

Supporting You
The school provides online access to Steps Web (Spelling), SkoolBo (Maths and Literacy) Sunshine on Line (Reading)  which parents are very welcome to use with their child at home. Web details and login information about these will be sent home at the start of each term.

The interest you show in your child now will pay off in later years. The development of good working habits, self motivation and self control (discipline) will also see them meet aspects of our vision including becoming confident, lifelong learners!

In the resources section is an interesting read on the 'Culture of Homework'.

There is also a Consent Form if you want your child to join the Whakaakoako Club after school on a Wednesday. This Club is designed to assist students with literacy and numeracy development. It is run by the Hokonui Runaka and Kai Tahu. NOTE: This Club is not resourced in 2019 ... we hope it runs again in 2020.