We employ a blended approach to learning, so ICT [Information Communication Technology] is a vital tool and is integrated in all teaching and learning programmes.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is also a feature of the school. BYOD is optional for Yr4-6 students only and because we use Google Apps for Education and the Google Classroom platform, our preferred device is a Chromebook.
We have a partnership with Noel Leeming in Gore - see their BYOD Toolkit here.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Guidelines
As new Technologies change the world in which we live, they also provide many new and positive educational opportunities for classroom instruction. To take advantage of these benefits and manage the risks of allowing children to bring their own devices to school, Tapanui School has developed the following Procedures.    The preferred device will be a Chromebook. No support will be provided for other devices. BYOD will be optional for Year 4-6 students. BYOD are used for educational purposes.  

The School will:
  •  Provide engaging learning programmes that ensure students will make progress through the curriculum making good use of 21st century technology
  • Promote classroom practices that ensure safe, efficient and sensible use of technology
  • Provide education and instruction, which promotes good cyber safety and online citizenship
  • Provide enough technology to ensure reasonable/fair and equitable access for all students
  • Provide options for students without a device. No children’s learning or homework will be impeded through not owning their own device.
  • Provide training and opportunities for staff to incorporate best teaching practice into their programmes of work
  • Monitor and supervise, within reason, the acceptable use of devices
  • Provide a secure network with basic filtering
  •  Provide a safe, lockable storage area for the devices
  • Ensure parents/students are aware of their responsibilities and have signed the BYOD Agreement.  

Parents will: 
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the BYOD Agreement
  • Understand that as part of using Google Apps, third party apps, extensions or add-ons may accessed by the student to enhance their learning. This will be at the discretion of the teacher. (eg. Read/Write App)
  • Communicate their expectations of acceptable use to their child  

Students will:
  • Follow the terms and conditions of the BYOD, Internet Use and CyberSafety agreements
  • Only use their own device (or one supplied by the school)
  • Respect other people and their devices
  • Use their device to enhance their learning

Guidelines for BYOD Acceptable Use

  1. The device is the responsibility of the student.
  2. Security measures for safe storage are provided, but ultimately the device is the responsibility of the student.
  3. The device is covered by the owner’s insurance or at owner’s own risk.
  4. The school cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to the device.
  5. The purpose of the device is to support the student’s learning.
  6. The device is used at the teacher’s discretion and with the teacher’s knowledge.
  7. The school is not responsible to support technical issues and/or upgrades of the device.
  8. The device is not to be used before school, during morning interval or at lunch breaks except in exceptional circumstances AND with a teacher present and attentive with the students using their devices.
  9. School software cannot be installed on personal devices.
  10. The device is for the exclusive use of that child who owns it. Sharing of the device is not allowed.
  11. Conditions of the school’s Internet Use and CyberSafety Agreements with students apply.
  12. The internet will only be accessed via the school wifi.
  13. The device must not be used to access inappropriate material (see CyberSafety Agreement).
  14. The device may not be used to bully or denigrate others.    
Updated - September 2016

 BYOD Disclaimer

  • BYOD at Tapanui School is a ‘high trust’ model. The school will provide content filtering against objectional material.
  • Access to the WiFi is for Internet access only. No access to other network resources is provided.
  • Secure access to Google Applications, such as Google Drive, may also require additional access to ‘third-party’ apps (may not be as secure), such as “Read-Write”, to augment or enhance student learning.
  • Tapanui School is not responsible for the maintenance or repair of personal devices used.
  • Tapanui School is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen devices used. The school will provide secure storage during the school day or for devices left at school overnight.
  • It is understood that each device is for the sole use of the owner using their unique username, password and Network Key.
  • While at school, the device is viewed as a learning tool therefore students are to use their device for the purpose of learning only.  
  • My google account remains is owned by the school and must be used appropriatley whether used at school or elsewhere (as per Acceptable Use above)     
This disclaimer is signed in tandem with a CyberSafety agreement. Breach of the terms may result in a loss of access to the school’s network.