Vision & Values

Our School Vision
“We expect our children to leave Tapanui as confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.”
We will learn and grow together, developing knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to contribute meaningfully in our world.

Confident students are effective communicators who are adaptable to change and resilient in a variety of situations. They take every opportunity to develop their abilities to use their initiative, collaborate, problem solve, think critically, use their imagination and be resourceful.

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Vision & Values
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Connected students are interdependent. They collaborate and communicate across geographical boundaries. They need to develop positive inter-personal skills, be curious and use a variety of communication tools to observe, record, share and reflect on their world.

Actively Involved
Actively Involved students are focused and committed in making a positive difference to the communities they are involved in. They also understand differences in the ways that people learn. 

Life Long Learner
Students who are Life Long Learners enjoy problem solving, questioning, thinking, taking responsible risks, tackling challenges and inquiry. They are able to adapt and are ready for changing situations and the innovations of the future.

Our School Values

The four key values which our school community chooses to emphasise are:

Perseverance / Manawanui: persevering in all my learning and my relationships

Excellence / Hiranga: always striving to do my best with the right attitude

Equity / Mana Taurite: caring, cooperative, compassionate, connecting

Respect / Whakaute: being responsible, showing integrity