Key Competencies

There are FOUR Key Competencies that students develop during their time at Tapanui School. These are keys to effective learning and are woven into every learning area.

Learning to Know (Thinking)
  • Learning how to learn, thinking critically, creatively and reflectively, sound work habits – make appropriate choices
  • Having an open mind, being imaginative and creative, thinking outside the box, making sense of the world around us
  • Curiosity, wonderment and awe, discovery, solving problems

Learning to Do (Using Language, Symbols and Texts)
  • Communicating, making myself understood, sharing my ideas effectively, creating and sharing knowledge
  • Confidently use a variety of ICT’s to seek, use and create knowledge
  • Comprehension, listening and responding to others – feedback / interaction
  • Expression through dance, drama, music and visual art – being creative

Learning to Live Together (Relating to Others / Participating and Contributing)
  • Being actively involved in our communities / groups / belonging
  • Valuing friendship – learning to be caring, generous, compassionate
  • Cooperating, working together, team player, leading confidently, respecting differences – resolving conflict / tolerance / fairness / honesty / trustworthy

Learning to Be (Managing Self / Relating to Others)
  • Self control – being responsible and organised, making good choices
  • Setting high standards / Goal setting (SMART) – acknowledging strengths and weaknesses and areas for development
  • Being “free to be me” – experimenting, imagining, taking responsible risks, self belief / perseverance