Innovative Learning

Creating Modern Learning Environments or Innovative Learning Spaces as the Ministry now calls them is a large part of the Ministry's plan for all schools across NZ to 2021.
Innovative Learning Spaces come with many considerations. Firstly there is the Physical Space:
  • The use of space - quiet areas, wet areas, collaborative spaces, group spaces, whole of Hub spaces, breakout spaces
  • Indoor - Outdoor flow
  • Air flow
  • Natural lighting
  • Sound quality
  • Furniture

Secondly the use of Technologies or Blended Learning:
  • Choose your own Device / Bring your own Device
  • Using technologies as a tool to enhance learning
  • Ubiquity (anywhere, anytime learning)

Most importantly there are changes to teaching and learning OR Pedagogy:
  • Collaboration of students and teachers ... Team work
  • Student Choice or Agency
  • Feedback
  • Creating new Learning Opportunities
  • Connectedness
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence

Information about “Modern Learning” is regularly sent home. 
Since 2015, the school has held at least two ‘Open Days’ each year when you are warmly invited to come and watch learning as it happens.