Suppliers / Sponsors

Sponsors / Supporters
Tapanui School acknowledges these organisations from whom we receive sponsorship or support:

Preferred Suppliers

These are companies that provide incentives or rebates to the school when members of the community purchase goods or services from them. Mention Tapanui School when buying from these retailers:
  • South Fuels - Fuel the Schools
  • Konica Minolta
  • Paper Plus (Gore)
  • Noel Leeming Group (Gore)
  • Office Max
  • *Class

Sponsors of the Skool Loop App
Tapanui School Acknowledges these businesses that  provide sponsorship for the Parent Teacher App
  • Seasons Tapanui
  • Pomahaka Building Services
  • Whyte Engineering Ltd
  • Ant Wallace Building Ltd
  • Ideal Print 2018 Ltd
  • Kelso Kontracting Co Ltd
  • South West Shearing Ltd
  • Road Transport Logistics Ltd
  • Tapanui Dairy
  • ECU Chips
  • Laser Electrical Gore
  • Harliwich Contracting Ltd
  • Yrless
  • Clearways 2009 Ltd
  • Dion Morrel Shearing

Instructions for downloading the App detailed below.  Region - Otago,  School - Tapanui