The Board of Trustees and Staff welcome you and your child to Tapanui School. We are very proud of our school, community spirit and the wonderful environment in which we encourage children’s learning. The school is sensitive to the individual needs of each child and makes every attempt to meet these needs.

We pride ourselves on our motto ‘Together we learn and grow’ by providing many cultural and sporting opportunities, and we set high academic standards for our students. Our Graduate Profile is shown below.
Our vision is to grow confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners. At Tapanui we want our Year 6 graduate students to:
  • Be confident, resilient, happy and have a sense of fun
  • Be strong in their own identity and connected to their whakapapa
  • Be actively involved in their education, participating meaningfully in local and wider communities
  • Have the capacity for lifelong learning, being digitally literate and a good communicator
  • Be prepared to take risks and adaptive to change - manawanui/perseverance
  • Have achieved to the best of their ability - hiranga/excellence
  • Be compassionate, caring and accepting of diversity - mana taurite/equity
  • Be ethical decision makers and responsible citizens - whakaute/respect
  • Be curious, creative and critical thinkers
  • Have a confident understanding of tikanga Māori and a basic grasp of Te Reo
  • Be problem solvers
  • Be able to manage themselves and their emotions positively and effectively
  • Communicate assertively and express themselves with empathy

Please visit the Documentation page for further information on Tapanui School.

We encourage close liaison between home and school. My door is always open to you, to discuss your child or any concerns you may have. Teachers are willing to see parents before or after school about classroom concerns or issues concerning your child. 

Communication / School Meetings

We have a Meet the Teacher OR New Parent Morning Tea at least once a year where you can come along and find out more about us. 
We host Curriculum meetings from time to time or as requested where you can bring your child and participate in practical activities related to that Curriculum Strand.
There is a Whole School Celebration Assembly twice each term. These are held in the WO Community Centre.
There are also other opportunities to be involved through the PTA and at other parent evenings throughout the year. 
Finally there are two formal occasions to discuss your child's learning at Three-Way Interviews in Term 1 and early Term 3.
A written report is sent home twice each year. At the end of Terms 2 and 4.

Attendance and Absences

If you child will be away from school, including sickness, please contact the Office by:
  1. Phone - 03 2048614
  2. Using the Skool Loop App - text or email
  3. Email -