To download a document, please click on the resources area on the right. Explanations on these documents can be found below.

Annual Report
Each year we have to file an Annual Report to the Ministry of Education by 1 March. This report details student progress and achievement for the previous year, against the Government's National Standards. 

School Charter / Annual Plan
Each year we have to complete our school Charter. This document sets out the strategic direction for the school over a 3-year period. Every third year we hold a complete a review of the Charter. A copy of the current Charter is available in the resources area on the right.

Child Protection Procedure(s)
All schools must publish their Child Protection Policy or Procedure. Ours can be found in the resources section on the right.

Complaints Procedure
All schools must have a Complaints Procedure or Policy. Ours is published each year in a February newsletter and is also available in the resources area on the right.

ERO Review
The Education Review Office reviews schools in cycle. There is a copy of our latest review (June 2015) in the resources section to the right. Tapanui is on a 3-4 year review.

Health- Long Term Overview
We consult with our community over the delivery of the Health Curriculum every "odd" year. The last Health Consultation (including sexuality education) was in Term 3, 2017. The next one will be in 2019.