Rubbish Free School

Published on Wednesday, 4 September 2013, 9:19 p.m. Print Article

We endeavour to operate as a Rubbish Free School. This is a practical, real and positive way to encourage healthy eating and teach waste minimisation.

Students are encouraged to bring food without packaging. There are many types of lunchboxes that support this concept / programme.

The waste generated from student lunches is disposed of in the following way:

Food scraps – put in the green bins
Left over food items - taken home so parents can see what is or is not being eaten

All other waste - put back into the students’ lunchboxes and taken home

At breaks, food is taken out of its wrapper which is put straight back in the student’s lunchbox. Snacks like muesli bars and crackers should be sent to school in the lunchbox, without wrapping. At interval, students only take their lunchboxes outside with them if needed, and put them back in their bags when they have finished. At lunch, all students take their lunchboxes to the shade house every day. Those who have not finished when released after 15mins, remain in the shade house until finished. Lunchboxes are returned to the child's bag.
On days when sausages and juicies are offered OR if the child uses the pie warmer, your child still needs their lunchbox to put their food in.

Now is great time to start thinking about what goes into your child’s lunchbox and considering healthy alternatives.